Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podane imię jest nieprawidłowe.

Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podane nazwisko jest nieprawidłowe.

Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podany numer jest nieprawidłowy.

Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podany email jest nieprawidłowy.

Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podany rok jest nieprawidłowy.

Wymagane jest wybranie opcji z tego pola.

Wymagane jest wybranie opcji z tego pola.

Wymagane jest wybranie opcji z tego pola.

Proszę zaznaczyć najlepszą frazę. Poprawna jest tylko jedna.

1. What __________ your name?

2. Where __________ on holiday every summer?

3. How much are they?

4. Ginny is __________ than Robin. Just look at the test results.

5. Julia __________ write anything yesterday.

6. Rob and Judy __________ chicken sandwiches for breakfast yesterday!

7. I __________ see you tomorrow.

8. I love travelling. Last year I __________ in Italy visiting my brother-in-law.

9. Sorry, Sam is not here at the moment, he __________ to see the doctor. He will be back in an hour.

10. I am interested __________ music.

11. If you __________ more money, what would you do with it?

12. The rooms on this floor __________ a week ago. They must be clean!

13. __________ he could Gerald left the party. He was so tired...

14. By the end of this year I __________ English for five years!

15. I wish I __________ English better! I could be working in Ireland now!

Proszę wpisać kompletną formę (JEDNO/DWA słowa) czasownika w nawiasach, która gramatycznie pasuje do danego zdania. Proszę nie używać spacji przed lub po frazie – jedynie między słowami.

(go) to school at the moment.
He will be home at the weekend.

(watch) television when his wife
came home yesterday.

(buy) my own flat !

(do) next week.

(be) you I would never buy a flat this big.

Proszę przeczytać tekst o English Unlimited i wpisać JEDNO słowo, które najlepiej pasuje w lukę w zdaniu.

communicative approach in teaching.

special attention to the

development of language skills that allow students to communicate. Teachers

encouraged to take

consideration the learning styles of their students. Some of them are visual, some kinaesthetic, some learn through word-processing. Lessons are structured in a way which allows all these types to develop their knowledge and learn efficiently.

a vital role in EU methodology. Each lessons

actitivites revising the previous material

(short tests or oral revision). Each lessons has a clear aim, which allows the students to put the chunks of material together easily. It’s directly

good lesson planning and preparation.

using only course books.

There are many useful resource books and other materials which are available to them in our vast libraries and staffrooms. Good hints and tips

found in course book syllabuses           

their most experienced older colleagues in order

to provide extra inspiration for interesting lessons.

Proszę przeczytać poniższe zdania. Proszę wybrać z listy rozwijanej pasującą odpowiedź.

1. Why are you taking this horrible job?

2. I’m taking FCE tomorrow.

3. I love your car !

4. I love learning English.

5. What was the meeting like ?

Proszę przeczytać poniższe zdania. Proszę wybrać z listy rozwijanej pasującą odpowiedź.

1. Let me pay for this beer.

2. I’d like to book a room.

3. Can I have some orange juice ?

4. I lent them $20.

5. Can I have extension 13?

Proszę przeczytać tekst i przejść do następnej strony.

English Unlimited is a school of foreign languages. One of the oldest and largest in Poland. We teach English, naturally, but also German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Swedish etc. The company opened in 1989 and since then it has reached many cities and districts of Tri-City. You can learn in Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia, Szczecin, Chojnice and other places. We not only teach general language courses, but also prepare for language exams recognized by many organizations and universities around the world. English Unlimited is for children, teens and adults alike. You can find the school buildings easily as they are usually located in the heart of the city, sometimes also in other districts. The closest one may be just round the corner! English Unlimited offers interesting and varied lessons in the language classes. Students take an active role in the class, participating in various language activities, and working on a range of projects, all in the chosen foreign language. Our teachers use a wide range of media to enhance the student’s classroom experience including audio and video equipment as well as many additional handouts and other supplementary materials. Computers and the Internet are accessible to our customers and employees alike to our multimedia centre in Gdańsk.

Na podstawie tekstu z poprzedniej strony, proszę odpowiedzieć na pytania, stwierdzając czy te zdania są prawdziwe czy fałszywe. Proszę zaznzaczyc True albo False w odpowiedzi.

Proszę wysłuchać lektora i odpowiedzieć na pytania. Proszę w każdym zdaniu wpisać nie więcej niż TRZY SŁOWA.


childhood in Newquay.

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and very easy to teach.