Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podane imię jest nieprawidłowe.

Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podane nazwisko jest nieprawidłowe.

Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podany numer jest nieprawidłowy.

Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podany email jest nieprawidłowy.

Wymagane jest wypełnienie tego pola.

Podany rok jest nieprawidłowy.

Wymagane jest wybranie opcji z tego pola.

Wymagane jest wybranie opcji z tego pola.

Wymagane jest wybranie opcji z tego pola.

Proszę zaznaczyć najlepszą frazę. Poprawna jest tylko jedna.

1. It is high time we __________ home.

2. Everyone says that you would be better off if you __________ English.

3. __________ you taken the map when we packed our luggage,

we would be able to check the route now!

4.Let’s check my e-mail. I __________ his message by now.

5. No sooner __________ from her job than she began looking for another one.

6. I would like to object to __________ experiments like these.

7.We were told she __________ the country.

8. Gdańsk __________ many tourists because of its beauty.

9. The museum has several __________ paintings. Wealthy sponsors gave those to the museum last year.

10. These days you can see teenagers __________ shopping malls in Poland

11. Everyone knows it is not wise to give a full bottle of Pepsi a vigorous __________ and then unscrew the top.

12. I find it impossible to __________ the temptation and not to take a second piece of cake

13. This word is __________ from another Greek word.

14. I was uneasy about visiting the galery as I can’t make head nor __________ of modern art.

15. Looking at his behaviour I conceived the __________ that he was trying me out.

Proszę przeczytać tekst o English Unlimited i wpisać JEDNO słowo, które najlepiej pasuje w lukę w zdaniu.

guarantee a high standard of service.

this end, we employ qualified teaching and support staff,

both Polish and native speakers. We make

of the most modern up-to-date teaching materials

and methodology. The teachers use not only course

various supplementary materials (cassettes, video, quizzes,

language games,newspaper articles, graded readers, songs). We can provide

Specific purposes (e.g. Bussiness)

and Exam Preparation (e.g. for the Cambridge, LCCI, Goethe Institute). 

range of courses designed specifically

for professionals who need to communicate in foreign languages in their environment. In 2003 English Unlimited was twice honoured

‘European Language Label’. The European Label

award is administered by the European Committee and the Department for National Education and Sport for innovative methods and bold initiatives regarding the instruction and learning

foreign languages.

Common European Framework

on the practical use of the foreign language, conversation and listening comprehension.

Proszę przeczytać tekst i dopasować jedno słowo w odpowiedniej formie z tych przedstawionych poniżej tak aby najlepiej dopasować je do zdania:


placement test taken by the candidates.

questionnaire. Both the test and the questionnaire help in assessing real language

. They also ensure that the students are

to the right level. For many years, English Unlimited

for taking English examinations. The certificates,

Cambridge ESOL ones for example, help people gain

to university or college, improve job prospects or measure progress in English.

Every exam course, at English Unlimited is designed to introduce and explain

element of any given examination.

The aim of the exam course is to consolidate the students’ knowledge of the language, enlarge knowledge of grammar structure, increase their vocabulary,

in the usage of the foreign

language. An important element of these courses is doing exam past papers

examination techniques. 

of homework tasks is a constant factor in exam courses as well as a key to success in performing well in exams.

Proszę wpisać w drugim zdaniu nie więcej niż TRZY słowa, które spowodują, że drugie zdanie będzie miało takie samo znaczenie jak pierwsze. Proszę użyć podanego słowa nie zmieniając jego formy.

1. Many people believe that learning Spanish is easy, but they are wrong.

(popular) learning Spanish is not easy.

2. Angelina is not very aware of other people’s feelings.

(lacks) when it comes to other.

3. If only I hadn’t believed her story.

(taken) by her story.

4. You shouldn’t leave the building unlocked at night ! Not even for a minute!

(circumstances) you leave the building unlocked!

Not even for a minute !

5. John has finally accepted that his marriage is over.

(terms) with the fact that his marriage is over.

Proszę przeczytać tekst i przejść do następnej strony.

The sage paused to examine the countenances of his scholars. Upon them he read extreme surprise, undoubting belief in the veracity of their teacher, and the dawning gleam of a timid hope that they themselves might become participators in the transcendent discovery he proclaimed. Addressing himself to the latter sentiment — ‘I am willing’, he continued, ‘to communicate this secret to you, if such be your desire’. A unanimous exclamation assured him that there need be no uncertainty on this point. ‘But remember,’ he resumed, ‘that this knowledge, like all knowledge, has its disadvantages and its drawbacks. A price must be paid, and when ye come to learn it, it may well be that it will seem too heavy. Understand that the stipulations I am about to propound are not of my imposing; the secret was imparted to me by spirits not of a benevolent order, and under conditions with which I am constrained strictly to comply. Understand also that I am not minded to employ this knowledge on my own behalf. My fourscore years’ acquaintance with life has rendered me more solicitous for methods of abbreviating existence, than of prolonging it. It may be well for you if your twenty years’ experience has led you to the same conclusion.’

Proszę przeczytać tekst i wybrać najlepszą odpowiedz. Poprawna jest tylko jedna.

Proszę wysłuchać lektora i odpowiedzieć na pytania. Lektora można wysłuchać 2 razy.